Thursday, July 5, 2012

What is an Orphan?

As I read the profiles of the children we will be working with at the orphanage, I was surprised that many asked for prayer for their families. My understanding of an orphan needed to be expanded.

UNICEF classifies a child as an orphan if:
-         Their parents or caregivers die.
-         They lose contact with their caregivers (street children or refugees)
-         They have been separated from their parents (detained parents or abducted children.
-         Their caregivers have given them over to the care and custody of another (disabled children or children from poor families that cannot care for them).
-         They have been kept in prolonged hospital care (HIV-positive children).
-         They have been detained in educational, remand, correctional or penal facilities as a result of an administrative or judicial decision (suspected or convicted offenders).

Today UNICEF estimates that 163 million children are orphans.

I never realized it, but every year there were orphaned children sitting in my classroom.
This is sobering.

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  1. Linda,
    How awesome and amazing for YOU! I just came across this today and please know you have been added to my prayers..What an experience you will have I am sure. I have not read all the back posts but just the coming together of the passport, monies and all is just such a "God" thing you can't deny. Be safe and know you are covered with prayer...take care. Vee and Gary Shaw