Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Astronaut with ADD

I've decided that I know what it would feel like to be an astronaut with ADD. I have a mission to go on (tomorrow) and my head is filled with so many thoughts that I cant' figure out what to take care of first.
Here is a sample of my stream of conscousness thinking:   the carryone luggage can only weigh 24 pounds total, be sure to pack the electricity converter, there is no adapter for India in the set! get one there?, can't get an India ATM capable debit card at my credit union - Anna got one, can I go to her credit union on the way to the airport?,  the floors have dog hair all over them, this house is a pig-sty, there is stuff growing in all of the toilets, my dog nanny/housesitter will be living in filth if I don't clean, gotta get out clean sheets/towels, go to the library, pay the bills, weed garden, weed flowerbeds, get irrigation set, is my will up-to-date?, where ARE those scissors . . .

I have piles of stuff in each room that need to be packed or put away. When I walk from one room to do something in another, my ADD kicks in and I don't do the task I came there to do. I forget why I am there and begin to do a task in that setting. This task means getting something from another location or putting something away, so I go to the next location and find something to do there. Consequently, nothing gets finished! Yesterday I put on a pot of water to boil. I went away to do something and forgot about it. I came back later to discover it hadn't boiled dry, but it was close. I also put milk in a pan to warm for cocoa and did the same thing! Thankfully, it boiled over and I heard it.

I have been thinking about my teammates, many are leaving fulltime jobs, children, households and one person works fulltime, is in the middle of an intense summer grad class, and her back went out of place last night. I have it easy!

I'll post pictures from the packing party as soon as I get a few more things . . . done.


  1. I can so relate, Linda! Sorry! I will just pray that peace... and resignation will come as you just leave all those home responsibilities and THINK INDIA... love you!

  2. You got this girl. Godspeed!! Keep in touch you are in my prayers.

  3. off you go!! have a great time, soak it all in and tell them no taj mahal, just taj the mall!!!! looking forward to your next post :)