Monday, July 2, 2012

Help Wanted!

Help Wanted . . .
You may be watching this blog and thinking that you are just that, ‘a watcher.’
Well, here is an opportunity to become part of this adventure.

Recently I read something that can help illustrate how you can be a partner in this trip to India. Dr. John De Vries has been involved in a ministry called Mission India for many years. He wrote about the importance of prayer and included this about his Grand Rapids neighborhood in his book titled “Does it Pay to Pray?” He wrote, “Near my home is an inner-city apartment complex of a hundred units. They are filled mainly with fatherless ‘families’ and illegal immigrants. Crime was so high that the police responded to fifteen calls there every day.” “But seven senior women in a neighboring church decided to become ‘friends in the middle’ and started to pray for that housing complex. They began intensive prayer, and as a result, two years later, the police reported less than fifteen calls for an entire summer! Much happened, of course, to bring about this amazing answer to prayer, but it was the 'friends in the middle’ in the form of seven elderly women who started the flow of blessing. They could never minister on-site in such a situation, but they could pray.”

If you will look back at the my blog entry titled "Ouch and Other Bits of Reality" you will see that India is a similar place to that apartment complex. There is violence and extreme poverty both economically and spiritually. If you want to read the full article go to

God is ordaining this trip. When we met as a team, I could see how He has hand-selected people with a variety of gifts to be on this team to accomplish what He has in mind.
One team member shared with me that she had a dream in which God was looking down on the children of India with great love for them in His heart. God indicated to her that it was His desire for her and the team to bring His great love gift to their awareness.

I am filled with anticipation and excitement to see what God is going to unfold. I feel honored to be a part of this work. The Evil One does not want to have people know of God’s great love, nor to have them be in a loving relationship with God. There WILL be opposition to our team.

Your help is wanted!  Please be part of our ‘friends in the middle’ prayer team.
 Please pray for our safety, for our health, and for us to have unity within the team. Please pray that God’s love will flow through us to accomplish and grow what He desires.

Watch this blog. I will update you with prayer needs as we go.
You CAN be a vital part of this trip, even though you are on the opposite side of the world from India.
God is going to do amazing things. I am excited to have you be a part of this adventure!

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