Monday, July 23, 2012

Our mountain trek to the orphanage on our first day in Manali.

Here is the sequence of the trip events for the mountain portion of our trip: 
On Thursday, July 12 we flew out of Grand Rapids. Due to time zone changes we arrived in Delhi on Saturday about 1:00 a.m. We checked into the hotel for a short sleep.
Saturday about 10:00, we left on the bus for Manali, located in the Himalayan Mountains.
The bus trip took 18 hours, so we got into our guest house about early Sunday a.m.
On Sunday we got to meet the kids at the orphanage. 
To get to the orphanage, meant a 30 minute walk. It was more beautiful than these photos can show, so this is just a sample:

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These ladies are planting lentils. Lentils are used in many Indian dishes. Rice is also a favorite.

This lady is weaving a shawl. The women in these mountain villages
have organized a coop to market these shawls made of wool, cashmere, angora and other fibers.
I was able to purchase one. :-)

I'll let you guess what this is. It grows everywhere!
Here is a hint: When plants grow everywhere we call them weeds.

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