Monday, July 23, 2012

D.U.F Children's Home. In a word, awe-inspiring!

After our mouton hike on Sunday morning, we arrived at the orphanage. We were told the children we anxiously waiting for us on the other side of this wall. As I waited for the gate to be opened, I was very anxious to meet these children. I'd been picturing them, and finally it would become reality.
Here is the orphanage. Dar-Ul-Fazl means House of Grace.

This is the girls dorm. As you can see, doing laundry is an ongoing task when there are
80 children.

This is Rainbow School.
All children in the orphanage that are age 14 and under attend this school.
Needy children from the village can also attend here. Orphan Outreach has
a sponsorship program to raise support for the expenses of the kids at the home
and for the supplies for the kids who attend the school. 

This is Auntie. God called her to open a home for  children from the surrounding mountains.
The home is 30 years old and has had hundreds of children raised there. Auntie has been living on her faith in God
for many years. Her passion and dedication to God are inspiring to me. The children aren't adopted out of this home. and they consider this to be their home and family. Kids can stay even after they graduate from the high school in the village until they have a plan for jobs or college. Even when college breaks, the kids return home, just like our college kids do.
Not only are these kids getting a quality school education, they are in the Word of God, they worship and serve one another.  We were with these kids for 3 days, I didn't see the behavior of any child corrected the whole time we were there. It was like a Utopia. The kids and adults played, shared and worshiped God. Wow!

Our first activity with them was to make t-shirts for the D.U.F Olympics and vacation Bible school to be held on Monday.

As the shirts were drying, it was time to play. The lady in this photo is the principal and also teaches in the school.  She also sleeps in the boys dorm. It is her responsibility to look after all of the little boys. There are 2 rooms of little boys in the dorm. She lives and works at the home. 

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  1. could you sneak me home the two little boys painting t-shirts?? your trip looks amazing <3